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Friday, May 15th, 2015,
8:30 PM, $10

Kaffé 1870, Wakefield PQ
Alise Marlane with James Stephens and Ken Kanwisher

Saturday, October 19TH, 2013,
9 PM, $8

Kaffé 1870, Wakefield PQ
Alise Marlane with Ken Kanwisher

Special Guest: Michael Reinhart (from Montreal)

TreeHouse Concerts presents
Alise Marlane & James Stephens
$20 suggested donation.

Reserve early — limited seats!

For reservations and info please call Chris Corcoran Beasley : 819.506.1586 or e-mail

On October 5th, 2012...

Alise and James again at the Kaffé! Plus special guest from Guelph/Toronto, Peter Slack. For details click here.

May ,26-27, 2012 Wakefield

Alise is performing with actor/playwright John Hardie and fiddler extraordinaire Nathan Curry : Dr. Harold – Portrayal of a Man who Devoted His Life to the Community.
This is a fundraiser to help establish a new palliative care hospice in the region.
Click here for more info.

May 4-5, Ottawa 3i Summit

“Celebrating Collaboration toward making Ottawa Sustainable”
A networking reception with an artistic celebration of sustainability for Ottawa with approximately 150 people in attendance from sustainability an non-sustainability sectors.
Alise will perform at the 8:30 am opening ceremony and the 6 pm evening reception on Friday. Click here for more info about the summit.

March 20, 2012...

Alise Marlane is the recipient of the Colleen Peterson Award! Details here.

The Great Canadian Song Along, 2012...

On Friday March 9th and Saturday March 10th at Le Michel-Ange Café located at 35 Laurel, off Breesehill, between Gladstone and Somerset. Songwriters of countless persuasions from all over the GOA (Greater Ottawa Area) perform brand new songs.

On November 5th, 2011...

Alise plays the Kaffé for the first time! And a rare appearance by James Stephens! For details click here.

On February 11th, 2011...

with special guest speaker:
Maude Barlow...
For details click here.

On April 24th, 2010...

Come out for the

For details click here.

On April 7th and 8th, 2010...

The Spirit of Rasputin's presents the 18th Annual Song-A-Long

Alise will unveil two brand new songs on Thursday April 8th.

Details here.

On December 5th, 2009...


December 5th at the N.A.C. 4th Stage, Ottawa. Click here to see the poster and more info.

September 3, 2009

OCFF here we come!

Brian Sanderson and Peter Andrée will be joining me in a showcase sponsored by Folquébec at the 2009 Ontario Council of Folk Festivals Conference in mid-October. Schedule TBA. Check out the OCFF site here.

June 12, 2009

Summer Festival Fun!

I'll be playing Blue Skies Music Festival in Clarendon, Ontario (Aug.1st weekend), and Le festival "La grande rencontre" (Aug. 15th) in Montreal this summer with my talented friends, Brian Sanderson and Peter Andree. More details here.

April 15th, 2009

Alise Marlane's new album is here!

Friends, family, music lovers and supporters! Please come on out to celebrate the launch of my second solo album, Room For Less, on
May 3rd, at The Black Sheep Inn,
Wakefield, Quebec
We're going to have a BLAST! Please note that its a 4 pm all-ages show. Tickets are 10$. For reservations please call 819-459-3228.

Many of the wonderful musicians and vocalists featured on the album will be joining me. Among them: Peter Von Althen, Don Cummings, Brian Sanderson, James Stephens, Benoît David, Evemarie Brunelle, Chris MacLean and Jennifer Noxon. Chris Breitner, fabulous double bassist, will also take part.

You won't want to miss
Evemarie Brunelle
's opening set!
(4 o'clock sharp!): She is one of Montreal's most dynamic and captivating vocalists and brings to the stage a lifetime of experience as a solo performer and interpreter of a wide variety of repertoire – from traditional Québecois, to English and French pop, to jazz standards.

Please click here for details about the Room For Less album production and to find out where to buy it.

April 5th, 2009

Read the first album review!!

(Thanks to Peter Andree for the swift translation from Dutch to English)

By Rein van den Berg,,


After several listens, I am totally taken by this singer/songwriter Alise Marlane. Much can be said about the variety of music styles that she has easily woven into her jazzy approach to folk music. Aside from the very romantic piece, A Sailboat in the Moonlight, and the love song about the seal in Alaska, this new album is made of original material. Production of her previous album was in the hands of the muti-talented Ian Tamblyn, but the partnership of Alise and James Stephens is certainly no less impressive. Room for Less is very easy to listen to and makes a strong impression. Stillness Hold On has an outstanding reputation among music-lovers, and is especially known for having brought to the wider public a high quality, but lesser-known, singer.

Luckily, Alise lives up to the expectations with these 13 fresh works. Romantic, full of life, and with a careful eye for detail, she brings optimistic and lively perspectives on her surroundings, ideas and experiences. Room for Less is somewhat introspective, but her reflections are chock-full of beautiful and memorable metaphors. Alise looks at daily life with all of its possibilities and impossibilities. There are challenges, unfulfilled moments, wrongdoings, and much more, but this does not mean we have to close our eyes. She doesn’t give any answers, but puts the accent on purity rather than being paralyzed by sorrow and complexity. Life is limited, so let’s make sure we make something beautiful of it is her central message.

The voice of Alise Marlines sits comfortably in the mix, and the multiple instruments featured are a nice complement to it. There is wonderful musicianship here provided by diverse Canadian artists that help to make this album very rich. Old friend Fred Guignon is in the party, but so is John Geggie, Don Cummings, Peter Von Althen and Alvaro de Minaya. It took some time, but Alise can now say again with a peaceful heart that she has created an outstanding album. This is a thoughtful and rustic singer song-writer album that I heartily recommend to everyone to enjoy.


OLD but still relevant NEWS

Fall 2008

Frida's Brow CFMA Nomination!

Alise also performs as a member of acoustic folk trio Frida's Brow alongside Jennifer Noxon and Chris MacLean. Frida's Brow was nominated for a 2008 CFMA (Canadian Folk Music Award) in the category of "best vocal group".

Fall 2007

Charlie Sohmer 's Song Winner in Songs of the Heart Contest

Here's an example of how great songwriting knows no language barriers: Alise did a translation of Charlie Sohmer's lovely song "Marie-Anne Lagimodière" (re. Louis Riel's great-grandmother) and it won first prize in the Ontario Council of Folk Festival's French category. You can hear the original English version on Frida's Brow's self-titled album.